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Software & Quest IIoT™

Quest’s scalable, state-of-the-art software gives you the ability to access critical data anywhere, anytime, with cloud-based monitoring and automation.

Because not every aspect of your operation can be automated, we include a digital logbook for operators to manually enter data that can connect to your other automated systems via our digital platform.

IIoT Made Easy

Quest EPC's patented Plug-n-Play IIoT technology makes creating and configuring your SCADA network simple and efficient.

  • Reduce complexity, time, and effort configuring your networks
  • Standardize programming
  • Configure To Device (CTD) or Configure From Device (CFD).
  • Create templates to quickly roll out new devices
  • View an interactive IIoT network topology map
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QCloud™ from Quest EPC

Our proprietary QCloud infrastructure combines the power of IIoT with a scalable, secure, powerful software ecosystem.

Architecture & Security

  • Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Big data centric to store and analyze massive data sets
  • Proprietary field-to-cloud synchronization platform
  • Protected by the latest cloud security technologies


  • Fully customizable for any data point
  • Build alarm specific distribution groups
  • Text message, email and automated phone call notifications
  • In depth alarm reporting


  • Interactive levels and customizable charts
  • Build custom views for favorite measurements
  • View and download historical data
  • Customize tag names to suit your operations